Artrigo in English
It is a solution based on grains and other special herbs from where we
extract the best of every plant. This solution contains all the nutrients and
vitamins like, “A”, “B”, “B-17”, “C”, “E”, and “K”, besides it is an excellent
source of calcium, sulfur, cobalt, zinc and 17 forms of amino acids. It also
has enzymes, which benefit the human body, especially the nervous system,
the muscular neuro-system, the assimilation of the solution is done through
the skin surface

This solution has been designed for external use only. Is non-toxic, it can
be safe to drink, however the taste is very unusual, that is why we do not
recommend to take internal. It is excellent for every external part of your
body except the eyes and ears.

(This product contains alcohol as a preservative which could damage or
injure the eye or ear. DO NOT PUT INTO EYE or EAR.  This is the only caution.)
We take the extracts from the plants and process it to be used externally
to aid in the relief of pain associated to Arthritis. With no side effects to
worry about, only to receive relief from pain.

“ARTRIGO’s” solution is developed specially to relieve and treat the
people who suffer from ARTHRITIS for many years, (pains, inflammation,
deformity of joints) and also for the pain in the body in general, such as
muscular rheumatic, muscular injury caused by sports or work, sore throat,
bursitis, skin problems, insect bites, it is also excellent for sunburns.

Artrigo is a registered product with the Health Department in Mexico.
For best results of Artrigo to take effect, it is best to wash the area
affected. This allows the skin to become soft and easily absorb the solution
to it maximum. If you are not able to do so, the skin will still absorb the
solution, a little slower. In some people the release of pain is very quick,
and other it may take a little more time. Most people can feel the pain

It has been observed that people with calcified joints, twisted, swollen,
inflamed who have been crippled with this dreaded disease, that when they
use the solution with regularity, they start to have mobility and the swelling
of joint will start to reduce, time varies.

Artrigo was discovered and developed initially in Canada, by Professor Eli
Tatarin, (B. of Environmental Science), who had done extensive
investigation on the benefits of grains and other herbs. He now resides in
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico where he continues researching his products
developing other products. He developed the machines for producing  
colloidal silver, the making of distilled water which is not readily available
in Mexico and the production of Artrigo. Today Artrigo comes in a
and in a Gel form (DISCONTINUED). Artrigo is not diluted and is in
pure form from the plant/seed.

This information is not intended as a substitute  for the  Medical Profession.

Artrigo Spray:   $295.00 pesos
      $30.00 USD
At this time this product is only available in the Republic of Mexico.

We however are working to have this product shipped to Canada
and USA. Please watch this page.

At present we are in the process of installing distributors in all the
popular tourist destinations. Watch this site for the areas where we
have our distributors.
You can also contact us at the contact page as well.

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