About Our Business
Esta solución de “ARTRIGO” fue descubierta y
elaborada inicialmente en Canadá por  Profesor ELI
TATARIN,  con Licenciatura en Ciencias del Medio
Ambiente el cual a hecho una extensa investigación
sobre los beneficios de los granos y otras hierbas.   
El  ahora radica en la ciudad de Morelia Michoacán,
donde continua elaborando este maravilloso
producto, e investigando en otros como el Agua de
plata coloidal y el agua destilada los cuales son
productos muy difíciles de conseguir en México.
This picture below is from the case of our new video of Artrigo. Follow this link to 60
photo captures from the DVD video. This video was produced for the presentation for the
China Trade Mission which takes place on May 23, 2006. I am in the process of getting
the video commercial formatted to go on the Internet for all to see. Enjoy the photos.
Photo Link Artrigo Capture
            Synopsis of Artrigo Canada

Objective:        Is to provide people with an alternative relief of pain, from the
affliction of Arthritis. Since the inception of this solution, it has proven to have other
secondary major benefits.

Product:        Is made from extraction of grains and herbs, of which are all grown from
seed and processed in Morelia. No items are imported. This is a 100% processed
product from Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
This solution has been named “Artrigo”, of which comes in two forms; Artrigo spray in
a 60ml bottle,
**Artrigo gel (discontinued only special orders, restrictions**) in a jar of 60ml.
The solution is 100% pure plant extract (no water), the gel is the same. No chemicals of
any form are used, a strict discipline is used in the processing. This product is
designed for external use only. It does not conflict with any medication that a person
may be using. Is totally toxic free of any chemicals. Logo is trade marked and the
product is in the registration process which meets all requirements set fort by the
secretary of Saluid (Health).

Promotion:        Is done by several media means: Expo trade fairs, direct visit to
prospective distributors or retailers, assistance from Cexporta in Morelia, assistance
from Investment Attraction Director of Economic Development Secretary and with a lot
of referrals of person to person.

Artrigo?        Is a one of a kind product, no other product like this exists, anywhere on
the globe. It was invented and developed by Prof. Eli Tatarin (who holds a degree in
Environmental Science), in Vancouver BC, Canada in 1997.  
In 1999 of July he moved to Morelia, where he started to redevelop the product using
Mexican raw materials. Sold the product to locals for about 4 years and found excellent
results which were profound. For one year he did not produce the product, but still
many people continued asking for more of the product and this is where it is today.
This product does what it says and even more. People who have problems with pain
and inflammation find the results as quick as one minute, with more severe pain might
take as long as 5 minutes or longer, for the relief of pain.   

Media:        Website;
Radio; “ETs BEST” English Radio Program in Morelia. Live on the internet.
This radio program is the product of the owner of Artrigo Canada. He has the
program          running on the air now for two and half years. It is all about Real Life in
Central Mexico. He is the producer and director of the program. for
the radio link to listen.